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Brian Borrello is a visual artist, designer, educator and public artist. His experience with a broad array of sculptural and graphic techniques, and a versatile range of conceptual approaches is evident in his paintings, sculptures and public art pieces. As a visual artist, Brian is particularly interested in creating awareness of human life in balance with other life forms and with our
shared environment. In his art for the public realm, he seizes opportunities to make 'places' by activating urban spaces through image, form and symbol, in response to history, community and context.

Brian received a Master of Fine Arts from Arizona State University, with post-graduate course work in architectural engineering. Brian's fabrication skills include welding, metal casting, and neon glassblowing.

Currently working as design team artist for north Portland's new Interstate MAX Light Rail, he is creating art treatments for several stations, scheduled to open in Spring of 2004. Recently Brian helped develop Portland Department of Transportation's Alberta Streetscape Plan, and will assist in the implementation of the public art program to enhance the inner Northeast corridor. He acted as art director and fabricator for the Bloch Cancer Survivors' Plaza in New Orleans, and as a teaching professional has mentored students of all ages in art instruction.

Brian has received a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship award, and his work was featured in the Portland Art Museum's 2001 Oregon Biennial. His work is represented in galleries in Portland, New Orleans, and New York. He is also principal of Neonjones, a neon lighting design and fabrication facility.

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